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Product Care

Preserved roses are the best way for you to lock in a moment in time without having to spend your time on their maintenance.

Our roses are natural blossoms and. We've sourced fair trade certified premium roses grown in the highlands of Ecuador.

When properly cared for, our roses can last up to 1 year. Here are some tips on how to care for your roses. 

1. Keep arrangement indoors. 

2. Avoid direct sunlight. 

3. Keep roses away from water. Do not water. 

4. If dust collects, remove with a duster. 

5. Do not remove the roses from the box. They were made to live there and they are very happy there. 

6. Do not cover the roses with the lid. 

7. Like all flowers, the roses are delicate so do treat accordingly. 

Don’t forget that preserved roses are still natural flowers and some of the considerations you apply when taking care of fresh flowers apply to our roses as well.